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More info about Blissful Times, including links to recordings and photos.

Blissful Times
Sandra Alland, published by BookThug (Toronto)

For delivery in UK, Europe & North America:

  • ISBN: 97800978158767
  • £7.00
  • poetry
  • 80pp
  • 2007

To watch/listen to a reading from Blissful Times, click here.

From the BookThug catalogue...

"Do we, any of us, speak the same language? Blissful Times is a collection of poetry
that tries to find out. Beginning with found text from Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days,
Sandra Alland 'translates' the poem 63 times, morphing it into different poetic forms
and emotional states, even different media. Using formal constraints, specialty
dictionaries, internet search and translation engines, voice-activated software, the
weather, global news and personal experiences, Alland invents pieces ranging from
lyric poetry to sound poetry, from theatre to rant, from photography to Boggle. Edgy,
passionate, amusing and intelligent,
Blissful Times is a
poetic cocktail for our troubled